Bath Exfoliating Gloves Scrub, Double Sided Bath Mitts Scrubs for Shower, Exfoliating Shower Mitt Body Scrubber Glove, Bathing Accessories for Bath, Spa, Massage

  • Plenty Package: The plenty of the multicolor exfoliating glove can distinguish the user for your family and will not use the wrong gloves, which is suitable for family use.
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  • Premium Material: The bath exfoliating gloves scrub is made of high-quality nylon material , which is durable. This material can effectively remove the dead skin cell, update your new skin and would not scratch your skin.
  • Upgrade Function: The body exfoliate scrub glove, which is shape with the bump, can enhance the exfoliation effect and improve the skin texture to relax your skin pores, activate your blood circulation and make your skin radiant.
  • Practicable Appearance Design: Our body scrubber bathing gloves are elastic, one size fits everyone. And the gloves comes with a small circle design. After cleaning, you don’t need to worry about how to dry it. It can be hung on the hook for natural air drying, which is very convenient.
  • Great Present Choice: Our beautiful bath mitts scrubs gloves is reusable. You can not only use them at home, but also take them with you on business travel. when you take a bath, you can use the gloves to clean and massage your body to relieve your fatigue, which is a very practical gift.

Post time: Apr-08-2024

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