How Do I Put On The Shower Cap?

1, dry hair cap material is the best choice of Vica fiber and microfiber these two, they are strong water absorption, long life and not easy to breed bacteria, but will be slightly higher in price.

2, the first time to use the hot water for 20 minutes, and then to absorb water and wring it out, so that its water absorption will become larger.

3. First, put your face down and let your hair hang down naturally. Put on a dry hair cap, cover all your hair and tighten the end of the cap clockwise or counterclockwise.

4. Turn the tail end of the tightened hat upward and pull it towards the back of the head. Adjust the tightness and comfort of the forehead with your hand.

5. Buckle the tail of the cap on the button at the back of the head, finished.

Use of dry hair caps

After washing your hair, wrap your hair in a dry hair cap. After a few minutes, the moisture in your wet hair will be sucked into the dry hair shower cap. Or wipe your hair gently with the dry hair cap. You can sleep with a dry hair cap after washing your hair, no headache or cold. Do not use hair dryer, reduce hair dryer damage to hair. Bring consumers a fashion, environmental protection, save time, save electricity and do not hurt hair dry hair new way.

1. Face down with your hair hanging down naturally, pull the wider end of the shower cap (button) over your head;

2. Put your hair in a hair dryer cap and screw it up;

3. Pull the rope at the other end of the shower cap and fasten it up and back on the button.


1, super absorbent: The use of high-tech, the use of 100%DTY composite microfiber, the size of only one twentieth of the ordinary fiber, equivalent to the two hundredth of the hair, moisture absorption rate is more than seven times of the ordinary towel, dry and wet hair quickly.

2, soft antibacterial: fluffy antibacterial, water absorption, easy to dry, no mold, antibacterial and health.

3, easy to wash and durable: durable is more than three times the ordinary towel, easy to clean.

4, widely used: male, female, old, young, long hair, short hair can be used.

5. Protect hair quality: avoid the harm of hair dryer on hair quality.

Washing mode

It can be washed with soap or laundry powder, and the machine wash effect is better. Do not use fabric softener. Avoid mixing with other clothes.

Post time: Jun-05-2023

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