How To Use Face Towel Correctly?

With the improvement of people’s quality of life, more and more people are demanding higher standards of their own personal cleaning care. For example, some young women in the workplace often use cosmetics, so they will be more demanding on face and skin care. They usually do not use a washcloth to wash their face, because the washcloth is often placed in a humid environment, the most likely breeding mites, so they will use a washcloth in their daily wash. But there are ways to use face towels. How to use face towels correctly?

Usage1: instead of a towel, used as a wash a face.

The specific practice is: after the whole face is fully cleaned with a rich foam cleanser, take a face towel and wet it, gently play in a circle on the face until the foam on the face is cleaned. Then squeeze the towel dry and press the remaining moisture on your face.

Usage 2: Remove makeup

This is easy to understand, because the face towel has better tenacity, so compared to the cotton, it can easily remove the makeup on the face, and it is not easy to deform, you can wipe repeatedly until the makeup is removed.

Usage 3: Wet compress

It is also because of good toughness and not easy to deform, the water absorption effect is good, as long as a full comprehensive compress.

Use 4: Exfoliate

For sensitive skin, the face towel is covered with refreshing lotion to wipe the whole face for secondary cleansing or exfoliation. Do it gently so you don’t pull on your skin.

Use 5: Remove nail polish

It’s perfect for removing nail polish because it won’t warp or draw.

Usage 6: Wipe the leave-in mask

No wash mask if you wash directly with your hands, time-consuming and easy to pull the skin, using a face towel can be very quickly clean face mask.

Usage 7: Apply lotion

When I put on the lotion, I also use a face towel to pat the skin, so that the lotion can be absorbed by the skin quickly, and the skin will feel shiny.

Usage 8: Clean the clutter

After the above steps, you can use the used corner of the face towel to wipe the surface of the face wash and makeup table and the bottles and cans, which is environmentally friendly, economical and clean.

Post time: Jun-05-2023

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