Shower Cap For Women Double Layer Shower Hair Cover

SAVE YOUR HAIR! Washing your hai every day strips if of natural essential oils and can leave your strands dry and brittle. Use this shower cap to combat this hair drama, and save some styling time too

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Double layer polyester satin fabric shower caps customeable
Material:polyester fabric&PEVA
Size(diam): 28 cm
Logo: can make printing or embroidery

polyester fabric&PEVA
Fabric Type:
Satin fabric
Digital Printing
Waterproof, Oversized, Double-layer, Durable, Secure, Comfortable
custom color


Pink with Crocodile 2Narwhal 1Pink with Popsicle 1Avocado 1Christmas 1Lemon 1Yellow with Flamingo 1 white Cactus 1 White with Lemon 1white Cactus 1White with Lemon 1H5d34c1cb291c417dac60bbe8f4a3de70k H81a6e1904c8d4ad09eeeb4ac2376f0aad H5971db3179ad44a390b37707ff982ad46 H261699eea64d493dbcd9be0dfc8f6a40V Hfbcf15a80dc54bb4b0c80b1473d49fd5cH5971db3179ad44a390b37707ff982ad46H81a6e1904c8d4ad09eeeb4ac2376f0aadH261699eea64d493dbcd9be0dfc8f6a40VHfbcf15a80dc54bb4b0c80b1473d49fd5cHe169a32cc566410bb0fc955cc1699fa4g H10a700c96fb04c4ba337eef02809dee5K H42a628875d664bf2a3a0f2c3e9d0902aJ H0846e2002d09463fb7483fb90bffe3b2l Ha3600f894b5d4ce4a2556c0d1396add7F Hc5a94134178840879acb14285295be39X He2acdd90b4604a8286080c22de955c47lH10a700c96fb04c4ba337eef02809dee5KH42a628875d664bf2a3a0f2c3e9d0902aJH0846e2002d09463fb7483fb90bffe3b2lHa3600f894b5d4ce4a2556c0d1396add7FHc5a94134178840879acb14285295be39XHe2acdd90b4604a8286080c22de955c47l


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